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There may be times when you will need to board your pet. 

When that time comes, we will be here for you and your beloved friend.  We make every effort to treat them as if they were one of our own pets. With a doctor on site, you will never have to worry if your pet should become ill.  Our trained kennel technicians will monitor your pet(s) on a daily basis.  So if a problem should arise, we can take care of your pet!


Your pet will be pampered and possibly spoiled during their stay with us! 

Our goal is to make your pets vacation as enjoyable as yours.  Just as there are different amenities when you go on vacation, the same can be true for your pets boarding experience, so please ask for further details.




Will my pet be happy in a boarding kennel?

Most dogs and cats spend very happy times in our kennels and look forward to coming!


Will my pet relax in the kennel?

Despite your fears, most dogs and cats settle into boarding life very quickly.  We make every effort to keep your pet comfortable while you are away.


What vaccines are required to board my pet?

We require that all animals are current on the following vaccines:



Canine distemper, adenovirus 1 & 2, canine parvovirus, canine parainfluenza (preferably with leptospirosis), Bordetella (kennel cough) and Rabies vaccine.



Panleukopenia (feline distemper), Rhinotracheitis (upper respiratory infection) and (preferably Chlamydia & Calicivirus -upper respiratory infections), and Rabies vaccine.

If you have any questions regarding these vaccines, please ask us for more information.



  • Emergency contact information.
  • Any medications along with instructions on administration.
  • One or two special toys.
  • Food, only if your pet is a picky eater or is on a special diet - and only bring enough food for your pet's stay.



  • Large containers or bags of food.  If you prefer to bring your pets food, PLEASE bring only enough food for your pets stay!
  • Bowls - we provide bowls for all pets.
  • Large beds or blankets - we provide beds and or blankets
  • Crates or kennels - there is not enough room for these in our cages/runs


Further Information Regarding Boarding:



All of our canine friends are fed Royal Canin GI Low Fat - which is a special diet for sensitive stomachs and is safely fed without stomach or intestinal upset when switching foods.  All of our feline friends are fed Royal Canin Adult diet.  If your pet requires a special diet, please bring food with them for their stay.



Canine friends receive a minimum of three exercise sessions daily.  Upon request, we offer extra playtime for an additional charge.



Upon request, your pet can have a bath or be groomed before you pick them up from their stay. Bathing & grooming is done for an additional charge. Grooming will be tailored to your request. All grooming is performed by our groomer, Terri Blessing.

If you are interested in bathing or grooming services, please ask for a quote. 



Should your pet require medication or any other special treatments during their stay, please advise our staff when you drop them off.  We will make every effort to accommodate your pet's needs. 



For our all of our boarding clients, we charge just as a hotel would.  

Check out time is before noon, or you will be charged an additional day.


For example, say you are dropping your pet off on Monday and want to pick up Saturday of the same week at 10am.  You will be charged for 5 days. If you were to pick up at 6pm that same Saturday, you would be charged for 6 days plus and afterhours pick up fee.


Per Night Charges

Cages - $19.50


Indoor Run - $20.50


Indoor/Outdoor Run - $21.50


Exotic Pets - $15.50 - Must be housed in their own cage.  Owner must bring own food and bedding.


Additional Charges

Afterhours Pick-Up - $10.00


Extra Play-Time - $6.00 for 10 Minutes


Medicating - $3.00 per time - There will not be a charge for medication that can be added to food. This charge is for pets that require physical medication with a pill gun or topical medications.



You can trust us to take great care of your best friend while you are away.


If you would like a tour of our facilities, need to board your pet in the near future, or would like further information, please call our office for more details.